Useful resources  for all choir members. 
links to:

Rehearsal help
These sites below hold music by part and ensemble to assist learning. 
Hint: easiest way to get to a piece is to search on the website name, composer and piece e.g.
"choralia Britten Cecilia" will get you to the Hymn to St. Cecilia page with each voice part listed. 
You can usually speed up or slow down the music as you choose on the sites listed below.

We have a choir subscription that allows up to 15 members to access pay-for files through our account. This is only needed for in-copyright files. Ask for details if you require this, but for access to out-of-copyright material you can set up your own free account.

This website has very useful functions for the music it holds. The website link explains the different levels you can play.

Another useful resource for choirs

 YouTube often has useful files recorded by voice-part as well as ensemble recordings