Haydn - Missa Cellensis - A Joyous celebration

Join us on March 17th at 7.30pm in St, Michael and All Angels Church for a joyous celebration of choral music which includes the Mass in three parts by William Byrd, part of Orlando Gibbons Short Service,and several works by Haydn, not least the Mariazeller Mass or Missa Cellensis. The Missa Cellensis in C major (Hob. XXII:8, full title: Missa Cellensis Fatta per il Signor Liebe de Kreutzner) is Joseph Haydn's eighth setting of the mass. In German it is regularly named Mariazellermesse. It was composed in 1782 and is Haydn's last setting of the mass before his six late great masses. Haydn dedicated this work to the pilgrimage of Mariazell in Styria. The mass was commissioned by the officer Anton Liebe von Kreutzner on the occasion of his ennoblement.
We will also be singing Haydn's Te Deum written for Empress Marie Therese of Austria.