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(archive) A Fanfare for Christmas with Belmont Primary School Choir

Transport to St Nicholas Church, Chiswick

for the Hogarth Singers Carol Concert on 9 December

Whether coming on foot, by bicycle or by car, beware of flooding in Chiswick Mall. 

On foot

The church is in Church Street which is the little road which
leads off the Hogarth Roundabout down to the river and Chiswick Mall. If you are walking from the Chiswick High Road direction, e.g. down Devonshire Road, there are pedestrian underpasses under the A4.

By public transport

Take the E3 bus - from Turnham Green station, Chiswick High Road or Chiswick Rail Station – all the way to its destination at Edensor Road. From the Edensor Road stop walk towards the roundabout at the end of the road and bear left down Pumping Station Road. Walk all the way to the end of Pumping Station Road where there is a turning circle. At 10 o’clock on the circle there is a set of narrow stone steps which lead up into the churchyard and to the church. 7-8 minutes walk.

Take the 190 bus - from the Hammersmith direction towards

Richmond (or vice versa) via Chiswick Lane and Burlington

Lane (A316). Get off at the Hogarth Roundabout stop in

Burlington Lane. Walk back up the road towards the Hogarth

Roundabout past the George and Devonshire pub and bear

right down Church Street. 5 minutes walk.

By car - parking

Parking in the area surrounding the church to the south of the A4 and A316 is theoretically unrestricted at weekends (but see below). The area to the north of the A4 is unrestricted after 12:30pm on Saturdays.

Church Street – very few parking spaces.

Chiswick Mall – liable to flooding at the time of the concert,

except possibly a few spaces towards the end closest to the


Pumping Station Road (see above) – many parking spaces,

including around the turning circle at the church end of the


If approaching from the Hammersmith direction on the A4

westbound, as an alternative you can turn off the A4 by the

Mawson Arms and the main gates to the Fuller’s brewery,

shortly before you reach the Hogarth Roundabout. There are

parking spaces in the slip-road which runs between the

brewery and the A4, in Chiswick Lane South, and

Netheravon Road South, all to the east of the brewery

complex. About 3-5 minutes walk to the church, passing on

the A4 side of the brewery and then down Church Road. Via

Chiswick Mall may be shorter but you risk getting your feet


There is a big Christmas event in Chiswick House grounds

which is creating parking problems in the area around

Chiswick House in the early evenings between now and early-


There is a possibility that temporary weekend

parking restrictions will be introduced from 9:00am to

9:00pm. This is unlikely to affect the places that we would

want to park but, to be on the safe side, be careful to check the


Venue St Nicholas Church

St Nicholas Chiswick